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The story takes place in the seemingly peaceful and friendly place of Rust Belt, a town located in southwestern Pennsylvania. This place is one of the many points that unite the American rust belt, the most industrialized region of the country that was also hit by the crisis in the early 2000s.  It is a town full of people with good intentions, but who at the same time are victims of their own bad decisions.

There, Del Harris (Jeff Daniels), the committed and complex police chief, maintains a clandestine relationship with Grace Poe (Maura Tierney), a woman affected by the crisis who gets involved in organizing a union in her textile factory to get ahead. However, her son Billy is accused of murder, forcing Del to decide how far he is willing to go to protect him.

In the original novel from which the series is based, the narrative takes the form of a drama, in which family issues are dealt with honestly and in a timeless way, allowing time for reconciliation and individual learning for each person.

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Cuando tenía casi trece años, mi hermano Jem se rompió gravemente el brazo a la altura del codo. Cuando se curó, y se disiparon los temores de Jem de no poder jugar nunca al fútbol, rara vez se sintió acomplejado por su lesión. Su brazo izquierdo era algo más corto que el derecho; cuando se ponía de pie o caminaba, el dorso de la mano formaba un ángulo recto con el cuerpo, con el pulgar paralelo al muslo. No podía importarle menos, con tal de poder pasar y lanzar.

Cuando han pasado suficientes años para que podamos recordarlos, a veces hablamos de los acontecimientos que condujeron a su accidente. Yo mantengo que los Ewell lo empezaron todo, pero Jem, que era cuatro años mayor que yo, decía que había empezado mucho antes. Dijo que empezó el verano en que Dill vino a vernos, cuando nos dio la idea de hacer salir a Boo Radley.

Dije que si se quería tener una visión amplia del asunto, realmente comenzó con Andrew Jackson. Si el General Jackson no hubiera llevado a los Creeks hasta el arroyo, Simon Finch nunca habría remado hasta el Alabama, y ¿dónde estaríamos nosotros si él no lo hubiera hecho? Éramos demasiado mayores para resolver una discusión a puñetazos, así que consultamos a Atticus. Nuestro padre dijo que ambos teníamos razón.

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The third season of the American drama television series Better Call Saul premiered on April 10, 2017 and concluded on June 19, 2017. The ten-episode season aired on Monday nights in the United States on the AMC channel. The series is a spin-off and prequel series to Breaking Bad, and was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who also worked on Breaking Bad. Outside the United States, it premiered on the streaming service Netflix in several countries.

In a flashback, Chuck tries to win Rebecca back by inviting her to dinner at his house and works with Jimmy on a trap to hide his EHS. Rebecca answers her cell phone, and Chuck snatches it out of her hand. He refuses to explain and forbids Jimmy to do so, and Rebecca leaves in a huff. In 2003, the clerk prepares the courtroom for Chuck’s testimony by turning off the lights and removing all electronic devices. Rebecca arrives after Jimmy says that Chuck needs her help, but Chuck thinks it’s a ploy to embarrass him. Jimmy stands near Chuck during the interrogation and asks how close an electronic device must be before Chuck is affected. Suspecting a trick, Chuck correctly guesses that Jimmy is carrying his cell phone. Jimmy then reveals that Huell placed Jimmy’s cell phone battery in Chuck’s pocket, which Chuck carried for over an hour without realizing it. The bar attorney suggests that Chuck’s mental illness should not affect the proceedings, and the idea that his illness is not real triggers an outburst from Chuck, who expresses his frustrations about Jimmy. Chuck realizes too late that his tirade has shocked the entire room into silence.