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If in The Wit of Birds Ackerman revealed the intelligence and social skills of birds, in this new book she shows us that birds do not have a single way of being, but that there is an astonishing variety of behaviors even within a single species.

Focusing on the daily activity of birds, the author shows us that the most unusual and extreme behaviors provide a contrast to what birds usually do and thus demolish attempts to explain ornithological diversity under a single umbrella. In this astonishing work, Ackerman brings to…. See details…

This time they set out to make a surprise: a handmade book with recycled paper by themselves. Meanwhile, the arrival in the neighborhood of an enigmatic exhibition will bring not only illusion but also more than one problem.

Commissioner Carrillo is the first to arrive at the crime scene. The sight of the corpse, the date and the coincidences frighten him: it can’t be, he thinks. But his fears are confirmed. On September 8, another woman is murdered and disemboweled. He can no longer hide it: he finds himself before Jack the Ripper.

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The electronic format is being imposed by leaps and bounds over the paper book, but a very interesting aspect is that this commitment to the digital format has led to the emergence of many pages to download free books, and therefore are a huge source of knowledge and we have it just a mouse click away.

8.- Intelligent Electronic Book: They employ artificial intelligence techniques, such as expert systems or neural networks, which allow them to learn about their users and adapt their behavior in various ways to meet individual and particular needs.

Telemedia book: Requires the use of telecommunication facilities to provide special features such as participation in teleconferences, sending e-mails, and remote access to resources such as digital libraries.

Logically there are thousands of pages where we can find e-books in different formats such as PDF, epub, mobi, etc, but in today’s post what I have done is a compilation of 30 websites that I would like you to know.

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