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I will start by reminding you, once again, that I am not against bad books. I’m not against these books, but I am against the praise in the girdles, the fact that they are given awards and, above all, that no one dares to say that they are bad. It’s okay, I make fried eggs that are great and, of course, I don’t get awards and no one praises them, but they can be eaten. A love is bad but it can be read. And, of course, there are people who loved it, like me my fried eggs. Spoi

The protagonist of ‘Un amor’ is a translator and retreats to the countryside (not at all bucolic countryside, actually a shabby hamlet) to work on a book whose author did not write in her mother tongue, «so the language is very rudimentary, even flat». The protagonist wonders «whether the appearance of every unexpected or ambiguous word is due to a mistake due to unfamiliarity with the language or whether it is a sought-after effect after intense meditation.» I, after reading the novel in one sitting, perhaps

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There is already an austerity law, a reform to the Constitution has already been made for that purpose; however, some civil servants have been protected. Let us hope that this changes, that we do not have to present another constitutional reform initiative and that each power makes its contribution, that the austerity policy is assumed as a policy for the development of the country, for the welfare of the people, because this allows us to free funds for the most urgent needs we have. There cannot be a rich government with poor people.

Then, it cannot be that people earn so much, that an official earns 300, 400 thousand pesos per month, that he/she has all kinds of benefits, that he/she can go to fine restaurants at the expense of the treasury, at the expense of the treasury, that was not, that was from the time of the Pharaonic politics, not now.

So, we are going to wait for the Judicial Branch in this case to define its administrative policy and take into account both the fight against corruption and the need for an austere management of the budget resources.

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Not at all. No, but there was a need to film, which corresponded to several things that were quite intertwined – and to go back, to find myself there. From the beginning, it was something to do with the order of desire. The desire for the film confused with the desire for love. The desire to be there.

What I saw where I was: the interior of the rooms, the path that leads to the cliff and, at the foot of this high cliff, the fountain that stops running during the summer months. It is then possible to approach the grotto, go down it and, turning around, see the landscape framed by the dark edges of the grotto. On the other hand, when the water is very high, one cannot get close and the Sorgue breaks into the valley like a torrent. So it was a matter of being there with the camera and resting it on the tripod when you could see something.

(Interrupting) Ah, you finally said the word! No, there is no montage. It’s not a montage, it’s a succession of shots. But it is true that in some reels there are several shots. It is not so much a question of making a montage, which could have been, in this case, a montage made with the camera. No, it was more a matter of having seen something else, of simply filming something else, in general, not too far away.