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Rob es un multi-instrumentista, artista de grabación y productor. En YouTube, Rob tiene muchos millones de visitas y casi un millón de suscriptores. Como escribió Guitar World, Rob es un «tío de la guitarra en Internet y posiblemente lo más parecido a un héroe de la guitarra en ciernes en la confusa época en la que vivimos estos días».

Ari Herstand ha estado en el top 10 de iTunes, ha actuado en Ellen y ha tenido innumerables canciones en películas, programas de televisión y anuncios. Es autor de How To Make It in the New Music Business (Cómo triunfar en el nuevo negocio de la música), redactor de Digital Music News y creador del blog de consejos sobre el negocio de la música, Ari’s Take.

Saher Galt es cantante, compositor y cofundador de Galt Aureus, un galardonado dúo de rock independiente. Saher también crea tutoriales de producción musical y lecciones de canto en su canal de YouTube, que llega a millones de espectadores.

Claire Rachel Wilkinson, conocida como Clairity, es una cantautora de 19 años. La versión de Clairity de «Don’t Panic» de Coldplay apareció en el tráiler de la película de 20th Century Fox «X-MEN: Apocalypse».

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By the end of the first decade of the XXI century would appear their second work Split with the band pseudogod, of limited edition, with about half a thousand units, in which they would have already recruited other members, as the vocalist Ashgan and the bassist Revenger. This split was called In void and serpent the spirit is one.

Almost simultaneously would arrive their first work Full length baptized War revenge and total annihilation with that powerful and devastating touch of black death metal, much more elaborated, more synchronous, more euphoric and impetuous; a glorious metal for their lontananza, typical of old guard black death bands like Behemoth, Belphegor.

Necros christos was founded by the multi-instrumentalist Mors dalos Ra, who would be in charge of the guitars, both rhythm, lead and harmonic; the vocals, mainly in a tone between guttural and torn; the keyboards and a rare stringed instrument half oriental, or more exactly from India, known as tanpura.

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The application allows its users to download songs from its collection to listen to them offline for free. It functions as a community of artists and enthusiasts, who share their creations with each other.

Musify started as a free ringtone site for cell phones and today it allows its users to get to know new songs and listen to them even if they are not connected to the Internet. Visit their website to learn more.

If you are a member of YouTube Music Premium, you can download your favorite songs and videos to your smartphone and enjoy them offline. This means you can keep listening to your favorite artists even if you are not connected to the Internet or if you want to save data.

Rocket Music Player has a premium version, which is worth the low cost of USD 2.99. This version removes ads and brings some more features such as transition between tracks and volume normalization, i.e. songs will be automatically adjusted so that none of them show a standard volume that is too loud or too soft.

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From Free Music Archive you can download single songs for free or, if you like the work of a certain artist, download an entire album.for more information, visit the official Free Music Archive website.Musopen.

The free version of Musopen allows you to download up to 5 songs per day, if you need more sound material you will have to pay a subscription fee.For more information, visit the official Musopen website.

In addition, each of these boxes has an audio player, so you can listen to a sample of the song before downloading it. Before doing so. The page shows you in detail which projects you can use it for and which ones you can’t.If your project is among those not allowed, you can extend the license by paying a certain amount to cover the royalties.For more information, visit the official Bensound website.Purple Planet Music

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