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One of the most frequently asked questions from our students before starting one of our BIM courses is how to download Autodesk REVIT. In addition, there are always many questions about the existing licenses.

Before installing Revit 2021 or another version on your computer, it is necessary that you learn about the requirements that Revit needs to achieve a good performance. You can know them in the Autodesk website from the following link.

In the following screens, you will be asked for a certificate of being studying at an educational institution. In the first module of our REVIT Architecture Basic online course, you will find more information to obtain this certificate.

by Ane Zubimendi | Jun 6, 2022 | Architecture, BIM, Blog, Industry 4.0The Metaverse in the construction sector On previous occasions we have talked about the role of the Metaverse in the construction sector. Precisely in the article «The impact of the Metaverse in BIM» we defined what it is and how this new technology affects…

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By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, his second Split album with the pseudogod band would appear, a limited edition, with around half a thousand units, in which they would have already recruited other members, such as the vocalist Ashgan and the bassist Revenger. This split was called In void and serpent the spirit is one.

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The installation commands in this article are for the most recent stable version of PowerShell. To install another version of PowerShell, adjust the command to match the version you need. The links below direct you to the release page for each version in the PowerShell repository on GitHub.

The download links for each package are located in the Assets section of the releases page. The Assets section may be collapsed, so you would need to click to expand it.

Enabling updates may have been set in a previous installation or manual configuration. Using ENABLE_MU=0 does not remove the existing configuration. In addition, this setting may be overridden by administrator-controlled Group Policy settings.

MSI packages can be installed from the command line, allowing administrators to deploy packages without user interaction. The MSI package includes the following properties to control installation options:

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The Support and Recovery Wizard provides automated fixes for many of the problems it detects. If you choose to perform an automated fix, the recovery actions that the fix performs are written to the log file created by the Support and Recovery Wizard. To view this log file and the recovery actions performed during a scenario, follow these steps.

Sorry, we do not have a version of the Support and Recovery Wizard that can be installed on a Mac. However, in the case of Outlook for Mac, it is possible to fix some problems that occur on a Mac computer even if the application is installed on a Windows PC.

When you reach the end of a scenario in the application you will see a screen asking you if we fixed the problem. Select any of the three main options to display the remaining questions on the screen. You can type your comments in the box at the bottom of the screen.