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I was expecting a book that talked more about the journey and not so much about God. It is the first book by Cohelo that I read and from what I have commented with other people in others he also has God very much in mind. It has curious things, such as reading how people prepared trips at the time of the book, how they searched for info, etc, but at some points it was a bit boring….

I had already read quite a lot of Paulo but this is the autobiography of his youth.I liked it a lot because I have personally lived through that time of my life. I read it with nostalgia. Too bad I have finished reading it.

Self-help phrases of 0’60 €, paganism profaned by Christianity and new age sensationalism. I’m half way through, the good thing is that Coelho writes well and is easy to read. Besides, he usually has rounded endings, we’ll see about this one…

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It reads very fast, of all the books I read it took me a learning, and this one took me knowledge of geography and human relations, especially the mania we have to prejudge without knowing. 8 I like CommentYan cast5This book is in something 1 I like Commentlulasa6I remember that I bought it just because I wanted to read something by Coelho for the summer, the cover caught my attention and I chose it, but I had very little faith in it.

But I must say that it was the opposite, a meaningless book that has nothing to do with the synopsis that is presented to you, is that the book says that it will be the biography of the author on a journey of self-discovery and exploration and it is not so, is that really what is so wonderful to know a journey of Hippies? If that’s what the book is about, a trip of Hippies where the author tries to get to England and there he goes on a trip in the «Magic Bus» to get to India because the girl he likes says she wants to go and rediscover the world through religion (Buddha, the Crishnas, etc.) while having sex and experimenting with different drugs.

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The success of The Alchemist in the United States marks the beginning of his international career. Several Hollywood production companies immediately became interested in the rights, which were acquired in 1993 by Warner Brothers.

Since then, each of Paulo’s six works so far translated into French has reached the top of the charts, occupying the top positions for months and even enjoying the occasion of having three of his titles in the top ten simultaneously.

(1994) The story centers on Pilar, an independent young woman, who is frustrated by the routine life at the university and decides to find another meaning to her life. Pilar’s life is turned upside down when she meets a childhood friend, who is now a spiritual teacher and is rumored to perform miracles and healings. The book chronicles their journey through the French Pyrenees.

In 1998, Paulo published his remarkable work Manual of the Warrior of Light, a collection of philosophical thoughts that help us discover the warrior of light that exists in each of us. The title became a reference work for millions of readers. The first publication is in Italy (Bompiani), with spectacular sales success.

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Paulo Coelho de Souza first saw the light of day on August 24, 1947, in Rio de Janeiro. He studied elementary school at the Jesuit school San Ignacio in his hometown. He is the son of Pedro Queima Coelho de Souza and Lygia Araripe. They – his parents – intended him to be an engineer. When the young Paulo showed his strong literary vocation, his father sent him (twice) to a psychiatric institution.

Paulo Coelho’s consecrating title did not receive much attention after its release. In fact, the boom came in 1990 with the publication of Brida and the irruption of a publishing house with a better advertising strategy (Rocco). They got the attention of the press and took El alquimista and El peregrino de Compostela to the top of the best seller rankings.

This book represented the consolidation of Coelho’s career on an international level. It tells the story of Pilar, a young university student who is a bit listless with her studies and her life. But an encounter with a childhood friend (now transformed into a respected spiritual guide) is the beginning of a captivating and revealing journey in the French Pyrenees.