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2020Resident Evil Resistance (Action Adventure / Survival Horror)PC – CancelledXBOne PS4 – 3/4/2020Project Resistance from Capcom offers an asymmetric online multiplayer experience with horror overtones set in the Resident Evil universe. Thus, one user will play as the Brain and the rest will be the survivors trying to escape from his trap-ridden fortress. The survivors will win if they manage to complete each level before time runs out. The Brain will win if it manages to stop the escape of the survivors. The game is based on the fierce struggle between Cerebro and survivors to get more time to complete their respective objectives.

2018Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version (Action Adventure / Survival Horror / Horror / Terror / Cloud Version (Cloud Version) / Zombies)Switch – August 2018Resident Evil 7 or RESIDENT EVII. biohazard for PC is the seventh installment of this horror series, and the most radically changed so far. Following in the wake of other scary games, it adopts the first-person perspective to give the formula a new twist. There will still be combat, puzzle solving and other classic Resident Evil elements, and the story connects with that of previous games.

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Nintendo yesterday unveiled figures on the number of games released for all its consoles, handheld and desktop, throughout its history. That is, the report recapitulates all titles released in the three major markets -Japan, America and Europe-, showing which games have been published by Nintendo itself and which by third parties.

Although the situation improved with GameCube -48 videogames from Nintendo and its related companies and 504 from third parties-, the Wii boom demonstrated the success of the console and the market technique used by the Japanese company: 55 games from Nintendo itself and 1,206 developed by companies outside the manufacturer for the console.

In handhelds, we basically find a similar trend to that seen on the desktop, with Nintendo not hesitating to feed its machines with games produced and developed in-house. If GameBoy was the boom in the market -with 106 Nintendo games and 859 from third parties-, we can observe a progressive increase in support for consoles such as GameBoy Advance -71 cartridges from Nintendo and 950 from third parties-, and a real commercial explosion with Nintendo DS similar to that of Wii -98 Nintendo cartridges for 1,639 from third parties-.

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Since the Famicom/NES era, Nintendo bet heavily on the use of the cartridge format as storage and distribution of video games, however, Nintendo also experimented with the use of magnetic disks with the Famicom Disk System peripheral in 1986, which stored more space and had a lower production cost unlike cartridges, however, Nintendo went back to producing cartridges because the peripheral did not sell as expected, same reason why the peripheral did not leave Japan.

In the SNES era, Nintendo went back to producing cartridges as a main distribution and storage format for their video games, however, when their direct competition, Sega, had launched the Sega Mega-CD peripheral in 1991, Nintendo started to plan together with Sony a peripheral for the SNES that could read video games in CD format, however, the alliance between Sony and Nintendo did not prosper, the alliance between Sony and Nintendo did not prosper very well and they broke relations, leaving the project unfinished, but that would inspire Sony to create its first video game console, as for Nintendo, decided to ally with the company Philips to continue with the prototype, but in the end it ended up being canceled for various reasons, so Nintendo continued using cartridges as the main format.