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Como Descargar Plants vs Zombies 2 Chino Original v2.4.8

Juega gratis a PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Aterriza en lugares estratégicos, saquea armas y suministros, y sobrevive para convertirte en el último equipo en pie en varios y diversos Campos de Batalla. Forma un escuadrón y únete a los Campos de Batalla para vivir la experiencia original de Battle Royale que solo PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS puede ofrecer.

Aterriza, saquea y sobrevive! Juega a PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS gratis. Aterriza en lugares estratégicos, saquea armas y suministros, y sobrevive para convertirte en el último equipo en pie en varios y diversos Campos de Batalla.  Compras opcionales en el juego disponibles.


If you want to play classic video games again and relive your favorites from an endless number of platforms directly on the screen of your Android device, Happy Chick is the best option, since it is capable of emulating any classic console you can imagine. Download games for any machine directly from the app.

This tool is capable of emulating games from the first PlayStation, Nintendo 64, MAME, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gameboy, Dreamcast and, in short, almost any classic console. Besides, it lets you download Android games through its own servers. This emulator pack lets you enjoy those classic games you have in mind. The tool will make it easy for you to locate the game and adapt the screen, being able to use both touch controls and any controller by connecting it through your bluetooth.

In addition to all this, it includes interesting features such as the possibility of playing virtually any video game on online servers, either simulating online any local cooperative mode or simulating the connectivity properties of the original machine.

How to download Madagascar 1 PC full English

2020Resident Evil Resistance (Action Adventure / Survival Horror)PC – CancelledXBOne PS4 – 3/4/2020Project Resistance by Capcom offers an asymmetrical online multiplayer experience with horror overtones set in the Resident Evil universe. Thus, one user will play as the Brain and the rest will be the survivors trying to escape from his trap-ridden fortress. The survivors will win if they manage to complete each level before time runs out. The Brain will win if it manages to stop the survivors from escaping. The game is based on the fierce struggle between Cerebro and survivors to get more time to complete their respective objectives.

2018Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version (Action Adventure / Survival Horror / Horror / Terror / Cloud Version (Cloud Version) / Zombies)Switch – August 2018Resident Evil 7 or RESIDENT EVII. biohazard for PC is the seventh installment of this horror series, and the most radically changed so far. Following in the wake of other scary games, it adopts the first-person perspective to give the formula a new twist. There will still be combat, puzzle solving and other classic Resident Evil elements, and the story connects with that of previous games.