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20218Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (Action-RPG)Switch – 9/7/2021PC – 8/7/2021Monster Hunter Stories: 2 Wings of Ruin is the new installment of role-playing and monster hunting video games from Capcom for Nintendo Switch. In this sequel to the spinoff for Nintendo 3DS, we will live an experience close to Japanese role-playing games, but without forgetting the creature collecting and battles typical of the settled Monster Hunter license.

20219.2Monster Hunter Rise (Action-RPG / Action Adventure)PC – 12/1/2022Switch – 26/3/2021Monster Hunter Rise is the new installment of Capcom’s third-person action saga Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch. In this sequel, which will once again invite us to hunt huge creatures, create great weapons and armor and face dragons and beings of all kinds, it seeks to offer a large open world without jumps from one region to another, enhanced the different levels to give more verticality and height.

20188.5Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Action-RPG)Switch – 8/28/2018Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the debut of Capcom’s famous monster hunter saga Monster Hunter on Nintendo Switch. Like other video games in the series, it will invite us to shoot down large creatures in the form of beasts and dragons while exploring a medieval world with steampunk touches. This version is the extended edition of Monster Hunter Generations, the Nintendo 3DS video game, which this time extends its duration, its creatures and its contents.

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Si quieres sacarle todo el partido a estos juegos, no puedes perderte esta guía. En ella podrás encontrar todos los secretos que esconde la región de Hoenn; cómo y dónde encontrar todos los objetos necesarios, los lugares en los que se encuentran todos los legendarios de la región, y muchos otros detalles.

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2019Super Kirby Clash (Fighting / Melee-style fighting)Switch – 5/9/2019Super Kirby Clash is free to play game for Nintendo Switch in which up to four players must defeat big bosses. To do this, users will have four different abilities and a variety of weapons, armor and other resources that can be upgraded in the store. The title has online multiplayer for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, and local multiplayer on the same console (playable with a single Joy-Con) and with multiple machines via local connection.

20176Kirby Battle Royale (Battle Royale)3DS – 3/11/2017Kirby Battle Royale is an action game that bases its gameplay on combat, inviting us to take part in multiplayer battles in various arenas, all in a style that mixes 3D and 2D graphics, using the colorful universe of the Kirby character. It will also feature a story mode, which will transfer us with dialogues a completely unpublished argument.

20177Kirby’s Blowout Blast (Platformers / 2D Platformers)3DS – 6/7/2017Kirby’s Blowout Blast for Nintendo 3DS takes players on a new arcade-style adventure where they will have to solve a series of puzzles to keep moving forward. It is a mini-game extracted and expanded from Kirby: Planet Robobot.