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The electronic format is being imposed by leaps and bounds over the paper book, but a very interesting aspect is that this commitment to the digital format has led to the emergence of many pages to download free books, and therefore are a huge source of knowledge and we have it just a mouse click away.

8.- Intelligent Electronic Book: They employ artificial intelligence techniques, such as expert systems or neural networks, which allow them to learn about their users and adapt their behavior in various ways to meet individual and particular needs.

Telemedia book: Requires the use of telecommunication facilities to provide special features such as participation in teleconferences, sending e-mails, and remote access to resources such as digital libraries.

Logically there are thousands of pages where we can find e-books in different formats such as PDF, epub, mobi, etc, but in today’s post what I have done is a compilation of 30 websites that I would like you to know.


in 1692, a number of people were arrested and accused of practicing witchcraft in salem. after the trials that followed, twenty-nine of them were convicted and, finally, nineteen were hanged. but no one knew that, in reality, those who brought the accusations were white witches, and those condemned to hang belonged in turn to dark witch lineages. until then, the covens of both sides had lived in equilibrium. very soon they were created�

Poor girls, princesses, dwarves, giants, spirits…, all manner of beings, real and fantastic, populate the rich landscape created by kevin crossley-holland for «british folk tales».kevin crossley-holland, poet, university professor and folklorist; winner of the carnegie medal in 1985, has delved directly into the sources of the british folk tradition to recreate new versions of tales and myths of the popularity of dick whittington, «jack and e

don’t miss the fourth part of the dual saga! noises, smells, that are totally unfamiliar to me. the mist covers everything around me and i cling to it to keep from feeling the pain. the memories. markel. what had my brother discovered?who exactly had he found?the moments of lucidity came as soon as they disappeared and there, in the middle of them all, a noise. a rodent. and my chains falling to the ground. free.the veil covers everything, but i jur

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[Descargar] Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: La Novela de Tomoco Kanemaki Ebooks, PDF, ePub, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: La Novela Pdf libro Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: La Novela de Tomoco Kanemaki Autor: Tomoco Kanemaki Categoria: Libros,Juvenil,Novelas y ficción literaria Tapa blanda: 448 páginas Editor: YEN PR; Edición: 01 (1 de mayo de 2019) Colección: Idioma: Inglés ISBN-10: 1975303784 ISBN-13: 978-1975303785 Lee Ahora Descargar Descripción –

Diez años antes de que Sora luchara por salvar los mundos, tres jóvenes portadores de Keyblades llamados Terra, Aqua y Ventus se entrenaban con la esperanza de convertirse en Maestros algún día. Pero todo cambió el día del examen de la Marca de Maestría de Terra y Aqua, y los tres emprendieron sus propios viajes que pondrían a prueba su amistad y alterarían el curso de sus destinos para siempre.

[Download] You Must Not Miss de Katrina Leno libros ebooks, You Must Not Miss espanol pdf You Must Not Miss de Katrina Leno Autor: Katrina Leno Categoria: Libros,Juvenil,Novelas y ficción literaria Tapa blanda: 304 páginas Editor: Little, Brown Young Readers US (16 de mayo de 2019) Colección: Idioma: Inglés ISBN-10: 316449776 ISBN-13: 978-0316449779 Lee Ahora Descargar Descripción – Críticas

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On Lektu I found all the titles of one of my favorite science fiction sagas, Ender’s saga, starting with Ender’s Game. If you have already read the first book or the whole saga, I recommend the parallel saga narrated from Bean’s eyes, which starts with Ender’s Shadow. And if you are a fan of Jane, the distributed artificial intelligence with full consciousness, you will be interested in First Encounters.

The Valencian company Ediciones Babylon is committed to original works in different styles and formats. In their online store you can find eBooks without DRM protection, since they maintain the opinion that «the best way to reach the reader is through quality eBooks, easy to use and at low cost, without additional impediments».

Triskel Ediciones is a refreshing independent publishing house from Seville that presumes to respect both the reader and the writer and offers new DRM-free titles in science fiction and fantasy (Átropos collection), narrative (Cloto collection) and social writing (Láquesis collection), as well as an interesting work of recovery of out-of-print works. The prices of the e-books do not exceed 4 €.