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Zeke.One rule, just one rule that women should follow when they’re with me.Don’t ask for more.This rule is in place for a reason, you won’t get more than there isn’t to give.Bexley.He’s flashy, and he’s all man. He’s also the devil, or so I think.  I gave him my heart, not realizing I was doing it.  He likes to tear me apart, so I’m a shell of the person I once was.  He’s tearing me apart, little by little.  I’m not as weak as he thinks I am, though, and when I can’t take it anymore, I’ll rise again.Next book:

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The popularization of e-book readers has made many people interested in knowing where to download free epub or PDF books for further reading. And attention, because here we are not talking about ‘pirating’ content, but to access all that huge catalog free of rights and, therefore, free and free download.

It focuses on works in the physical sciences, engineering and technology, life sciences, health sciences, and social sciences and humanities. It also includes several books written by Nobel Prize winners, but does not host styles such as fiction; only open access academic texts.

With content available in more than 6 languages, this website offers not only books in digital format, but also has a very large collection of audiobooks of all kinds, from classic titles to some more modern ones. All the works offered on this portal have been digitized by They are divided by genre in the left column and there is also an offer of books for which you can pay.

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«Lektu is a new online platform for the sale of digital content (mainly ebooks) that aims to be a meeting point between the rights of writers, publishers and readers»… and although it is an online sales platform (like others that have been seen before) it does not detract from the fact that some of its titles are available for free. In this platform three types of «free» books can be highlighted (*some require social payment). These are their categories: Free, social payment and pay if you like it.

Project Gutenberg can be considered (and indeed is) the first large collection of free e-books put online. The project offers more than 50,000 e-books; many of them digitized and proofread with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Project of the non-profit Internet Archive and partially sponsored by the California State Library. Open Library is a large digital library that was originally developed to support the visually impaired community.