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It is available in almost every language in the world, but just like its big brother, Wikipedia, it can be fed by anyone who wants it. It has short stories, didactic books, epic tales, novels, plays and essays. Copies can be found by author’s name, by country or by subject.

It has a catalog of up to 16,000 royalty-free titles for free download. There are no commercial novelties, but there are true best sellers such as The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, among many other gems of classic world literature.

It is a site with free and open books. All are licensed under GFDL, Creative Commons and other licenses such as Project Gutenberg and any others that are free for distribution. The books in English are organized by categories, and next to the download link the type of license is specified.

It compiles a collection of free e-books, many from Project Gutenberg and others from the Human Genome Project. It also contains audiobooks, and all are sorted by author, category and license type.

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Digital reading has allowed readers who are constantly moving from one book to another to carry a wide variety of options with them. Nowadays you can have hundreds of books always with you, something that was impossible before. For this, the best way is to acquire all the books you may want to read, through the best free digital book sites.

One of the main options when readers consider downloading free books is Lectuepubgratis. This site has a very user-friendly interface, so that you can conveniently download the books that the user community has been constantly uploading to the website. To use the website, you just need to log in with an interest to read and start downloading.

PDF books have a great advantage, the format is compatible with all those ordered using programs that you probably already have installed. By downloading books in this format, you will not have to worry about acquiring an additional application to read your books.

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Books and Audiobooks 0books epub, pdf and ebooks downloadDownloading free PDF, eBook and ePub books ☝️ has become a necessary practice for many readers and professionals. There are 2 reasons for this: the high prices of physical books and the rise of new technologies.

This type of format is the most popular among readers around the world and the one with the highest volume of books on the Internet. It is easy to create, share and download, although it cannot be viewed on some devices. The display is flat and without effects.TXT and DOC format books.

These are conventional text files that can be read in Word or on any e-reader that supports or allows reading of non-enriched text. Although the reading experience is not as pleasant, it solves needs in many cases.Books in ePub format

Inevitably on the Internet the world of downloads can pose a risk to your device, and / or sensitive information, which is why we recommend the use of the websites listed in this article.


‘Timekeeper es un triunfo’. -Bustle ‘La premisa de Timekeeper es original y su mundo único.’ ‘Tuve un accidente. He salido. Ahora estoy a salvo’. Un mundo victoriano alternativo controlado por torres de reloj, donde un reloj dañado puede fracturar el tiempo -y uno destruido puede detenerlo por completo. Un mecánico prodigioso que puede reparar no sólo los relojes, sino el tiempo mismo, decidido a rescatar a su padre de una ciudad detenida. Una serie de misteriosos bombardeos que podrían poner en peligro a toda Inglaterra. Un chico que daría cualquier cosa por revivir su pasado, y otro que daría cualquier cosa por vivir. Un romance que hará temblar los cimientos del tiempo. El primer libro de una nueva y deslumbrante trilogía de fantasía steampunk, Timekeeper introduce un mundo mágico de mitología e innovación que los lectores nunca querrán abandonar.