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When you sign up through our Website, you will get your digital ieat Rewards card, which you can use without any problem in any of the participating restaurants Chili’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill and P.F. Chang’s. If you want to get your physical card, just give your waiter or waitress your first name, last name, phone number or e-mail with which you signed up.

Yes, let your food invite you! Use your card at participating Chili’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill and P.F. Chang’s restaurants. Order your favorite dishes, start collecting points and enjoy this delicious benefit.

Accumulated points are not redeemed for cash, but when you accumulate points, you convert them into monetary value such as; $1 you spend equals 25 points on your ieat Rewards! Once you accumulate 2,500 points, you can start using them whenever you want. 2,500 points = $5!

An IRSI representative will answer your questions and/or comments via email by filling out the information below. If you wish you can call us at (787) 273-3131 Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, except holidays.

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The Residential Tenancies Act 2010 is the law that sets out the rights and responsibilities you have as a tenant in NSW, Australia. The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal hears disputes between landlords and tenants under this Act.

The Tribunal hears disputes between landlords and tenants. If you and your landlord cannot agree, you should apply to the Tribunal for an order to enforce your rights. The Court will decide your case according to the law.

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Esta Política de Privacidad («Política») se aplica a su suscripción de prueba, de pago o de otro tipo a nuestro servicio de radio por satélite, a nuestro servicio de streaming y a cualquier otro servicio que ofrezcamos como tráfico, meteorología (incluyendo marina y aviación), datos e infoentretenimiento (denominados colectivamente nuestro(s) «Servicio(s)»).    Esta Política también se aplica a cualquier otra visita o uso que usted haga de los sitios web operados por o en nombre de Sirius XM, así como a nuestro reproductor multimedia en línea, nuestras aplicaciones móviles, radios habilitadas como se define a continuación, y cualquier otra tecnología a través de la cual se puede acceder a nuestros Servicios, como el hardware de terceros para el hogar, como los dispositivos y aplicaciones inteligentes (colectivamente, los «Sitios»).

Esta Política le proporciona información sobre los datos que recoge Sirius XM Radio Inc. («Sirius XM», «nosotros» o «nuestro») cuando visita los Sitios para utilizar nuestros Servicios, incluso en su vehículo, o cuando compra productos de nosotros o de nuestros agentes.    Cuando usted visita otros sitios web que no son propiedad ni están operados por Sirius XM, usted puede ver anuncios de nuestros productos y servicios, como los anuncios «banner».    Si usted interactúa con esos anuncios, se regirá por esta Política.

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When does an HTTP 403 error appear? The HTTP 403 – Forbidden code appears when browsing the Internet and, more precisely, in the communication that is established between the HTTP client (web browser) and the HTTP server (web server). To understand why this error message occurs, it is necessary to take a look at the process by which a web page is opened in the browser: when a user wants to access a website and requests its URL by typing it in the navigation bar, it sends a request to the corresponding web server using the hypertext transfer protocol or HTTP. The server then verifies the request and, if everything is correct, responds to the browser with an HTTP status code of class 2XX, i.e. «successful» (200 OK or 201 Created), after which the web page is loaded and the user can visit it without, normally, perceiving this exchange.

However, things are quite different in the case of a response code of class 4XX – Client Errors, to which the forbidden 403 error also belongs and the best known of which is 404. Here, each error code is displayed on an automatically generated HTML page and all consist of server responses that try to inform the client that its request cannot be processed successfully. The very name of this kind of code, client errors, already hints that in this case the server holds the client responsible for the problem, but it may well not be.