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From Free Music Archive you can download single songs for free or, if you like the work of a certain artist, download a whole album.for more information, visit the official Free Music Archive website.Musopen

The free version of Musopen allows you to download up to 5 songs per day, if you need more sound material you will have to pay a subscription fee.For more information, visit the official Musopen website.

In addition, each of these boxes has an audio player, so you can listen to a sample of the song before downloading it. Before doing so. The page shows you in detail which projects you can use it for and which ones you can’t.If your project is among those not allowed, you can extend the license by paying a certain amount to cover the royalties.For more information, visit the official Bensound website.Purple Planet Music

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There is a lot of software for Windows but, which are the really essential programs, those without which we cannot live? The offer is as wide as the tasks we can perform, and so that you don’t miss out, we present you with a monthly updated list of the best programs for your computer at any given moment. You will find everything from the most popular office tools to the most used media centers. File formats, security, communication and messaging, web browsers, YouTube video download, storage and notes? Nothing escapes our radar.

There are a number of programs that have become almost standard for working with a computer. Microsoft Word is one of them, the most popular and well-known office software. The big downside as always is that it’s not free, but if you can afford it and your work depends on writing and proofreading, it’s practically essential.

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El servicio SSS-C es opcional. Los beneficiarios de la TSS tienen la libertad de elegir su proveedor de farmacia. Para obtener un directorio completo de las farmacias participantes en la red de TSS, acceda a:

SSS-C puede cambiar, modificar, añadir o eliminar partes de estas Condiciones de Uso, en cualquier momento. Debe comprobar periódicamente estas Condiciones de Uso para ver si hay cambios. Su uso continuado de SSS-C tras la publicación de cualquier cambio en estas Condiciones de Uso significará que usted acepta y está de acuerdo con dichos cambios. Mientras cumpla con estas Condiciones de Uso, SSS-C le concede un privilegio personal, no exclusivo, intransferible y limitado para acceder y utilizar los servicios de SSS-C.

Salvo lo dispuesto expresamente en estas Condiciones de Uso, ninguna parte de SSS-C y ningún Contenido puede ser copiado, reproducido, republicado, cargado, enviado, mostrado públicamente, codificado, traducido, transmitido o distribuido de ninguna manera (incluyendo «mirroring») a cualquier otro ordenador, servidor, sitio web u otro medio para su publicación o distribución o para cualquier empresa comercial, sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de SSS-C.

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