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Although the tool has a multitude of buttons and keys, after a few sessions we will be ready to create increasingly complex melodies. After all, this is a tool that requires practice to obtain satisfactory results. Another of the qualities of this app is that it offers us some sounds already defined and organized by musical genres. This is very practical to compose bases more easily.

Groovepad’s interface is quite attractive and a very interesting quality is the color distribution of each sound element. At a glance we can locate each effect, thus saving a lot of time in each choice.

Copyright-free music

Music licenses can be very confusing to laymen, especially royalty-free licenses. Even on easy-to-use platforms like SoundCloud, it can be difficult to find or publish royalty-free assets without knowing some key details.

Before we dive into Creative Commons, it would be helpful to first understand how music licenses work and their history. One of the ways in which music licensing has benefited artists is through royalties, which are financial compensation for the use of the artists’ work. This compensation is usually a percentage of the revenue generated by the work during a given period, and the percentage can vary widely. Royalties are calculated and distributed in different ways and require some legal expertise.

Creative Commons is an organization that provides a licensing framework for intellectual property. It is specifically tailored to intellectual property in the digital space and has been helping artists and content creators share and sell their work freely since 2001.

Free music to relax without copyright

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