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As I say in the video itself made from my Android terminal, this trick is valid for any operating system, including mobile or personal computer operating systems. And is that we will simply need any web browser installed on the device. It can be Firefox, Opera, Safari or as in this case Chrome for Android.

These images are those of the process to follow using a personal computer, in the video of the header I explain in detail the process to follow from our Android terminal. A somewhat different process because the interface of the web page, due to mobile compatibility, changes a bit.

Ambient music for free download

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Famous instrumental songs

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Instrumental music to work with

YouTube Music enables the audio download of most music videos: to do this, the ‘Song’ selector must be checked at the top. With Music it is possible to download playlists, individual songs and even albums, which can then be listened to without using mobile data, as playback works without the Internet. However, the tracks can only be listened to on YouTube Music.

NewPipe is a YouTube client that enables the playback of any video in the background and with the screen off, two of its most popular functions. It also allows the downloading of videos, both combining image and audio or just the sound: search for the YouTube video you prefer, click on the download icon, choose ‘Audio only’ and select the quality. NewPipe will download the song to your mobile so you can play it wherever you want.

So far we have used applications, but there is no need to use them: there are plenty of websites that allow you to download audio from YouTube. We have chosen a very safe one without abusive advertising: Alltube Download. It works perfectly on the mobile.