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The popularization of e-book readers has made many people interested in knowing where to download free epub or PDF books for further reading. And attention, because here we are not talking about ‘pirating’ content, but about accessing all this huge catalog free of rights and, therefore, free and free to download.

A web application that allows you to find books, manuals, research papers or thesis examples completely free of charge. It has a box as a search engine in which to indicate the title, author, subject or desired format to start searching for what you want.

It focuses on works in the physical sciences, engineering and technology, life sciences, health sciences, and social sciences and humanities. It also includes several books written by Nobel Prize winners, but does not host styles such as fiction; only open access academic texts.

With content available in more than 6 languages, this website offers not only books in digital format, but also has a very large collection of audiobooks of all kinds, from classic titles to some more modern ones. All the works offered on this portal have been digitized by They are divided by genre in the left column and there is also an offer of books for which you can pay.

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What happened to Z-Library?

FBI shuts down Z-Library, the world’s largest library of pirated e-books. The U.S. government arrested two Russian individuals accused of running Z-Library, a site that hosted more than 11 million pirated e-books.

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Tess de D’Urberville portrays rural life through the figure of the protagonist, a descendant of an impoverished aristocratic family. Forced by an aristocrat and condemned by a society of strict morals, Tess rebels against the fate imposed on her guided by her innate independence, her inability to understand the double standards by which the conduct of the sexes is judged and, above all, by her desire to achieve happiness.

The powerful and sullen figure of Heathcliff dominates Wuthering Heights, a passionate and tempestuous novel whose sensibility was ahead of its time. The misty and gloomy Yorkshire moors are the unique setting where this story of revenge and hatred, of unleashed passions and desperate loves that go beyond death and make it one of the most unique and attractive works of all time.

Free romance novels to read

Lee Savage arrived in Montana in a fury claiming what was his:The Shiloh Ranch and a virgin bride. As a young man Ellie Shiloh had come into his life, and now that promise to protect the beautiful, innocent young woman bound them forever. The admiration she felt for him burned in Ellie’s sensual eyes but, for Lee, marriage didn’t have to mean love. Although sharing the marriage bed was not forbidden, Ellie longed for the sweet sensations of her first ecstasy. Although understanding and complicity reigned between them, the groom would never confess that he needed his wife: that which tortured his soul, that tempest of emotions, was it love?

Battered and half fainted, Angie Burton fought a snowstorm to get home, cheered by the image of her husband’s warm arms. But she wasn’t prepared for the cold reception that awaited her, nor to discover that there was some loophole in her mind and she didn’t remember leaving him.Shane Masters stood before the woman he had sworn he would never see again. But Angie only remembered their love and he couldn’t deny that his ex-wife still turned him on with a single glance.Could Shane, in the space of a weekend, forgive his lost wife and reclaim the promise of being together forever?

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Its way for you to read books for free is also quite simple, you just have to use the search engine, select the option you like and then it will provide you with a link so you can access the book online.

It is also uncomplicated in its process to be able to get romance books in pdf or download. You just have to search for what you want to read at that moment and it will offer you all the available options.

All you have to do is give your email and they will send you a download link and you will have a new reading waiting for you, but you have to search a little bit, not all the novels that appear have their free format.

I guess you are aware that Amazon also offers us some options from its catalog of romance novels for downloading the first chapters without any kind of cost on your part, you just have to create an account beforehand.

Now that I have informed you about the options to read romance novels to download for free, I want to show you some of the best romance and erotic novels that exist so you can immerse yourself in their story and delight in reading them.