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Zeke.One rule, just one rule that women should follow when they’re with me.Don’t ask for more.This rule is in place for a reason, you won’t get more than there isn’t to give.Bexley.He’s flashy, and he’s all man. He’s also the devil, or so I think.  I gave him my heart, not realizing I was doing it.  He likes to tear me apart, so I’m a shell of the person I once was.  He’s tearing me apart, little by little.  I’m not as weak as he thinks I am, though, and when I can’t take it anymore, I’ll rise again.Next book:

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Saved from ruin, but prey to temptation…Billionaire Dante King hadn’t been able to forget Talitha St. Croix Hamilton, and now he had the perfect opportunity to resume their relationship: hiring her as curator of his new art collection-and asking her to do it from his home in Siena. And asking her to do it from her home in Siena.With her family strapped with debt, Talitha couldn’t turn down Dante’s proposal, even if he cared more about his empire than she did, which was why she had left him! However, her chemistry was still intact and Talitha knew that, if she got back into bed with him, she would want to stay forever.LINK N°1 (NEW)LINK N°2 LINK N°3 LINK N°4 LINK N°5

Her people needed a king… And Georgie’s revelation had made her their queen.Everything had changed when Abbas, crown prince of Qaram, had suddenly been forced to assume his role. Then, chance had reunited him with the woman he had abandoned, and he had realized that he still liked her and that he was a father.Georgie was still trying to come to terms with the idea that Abe belonged to royalty when he had asked her to marry her. The passion they had shared in the past was still there, as was the pain he had caused her by leaving. Abe wanted her to be his queen, but would he really want her as his wife?LINK N°1 (NEW)LINK N°2 LINK N°3 LINK N°3 LINK N°4 LINK N°5

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Gabe Ryland was drawn to Caprice from the moment she arrived at his rural retreat, even though she was beautiful and sophisticated – exactly the kind of woman he never wanted to give his heart to again! Caprice was as determined as he was not to fall in love. She had gone to the valley to find out the truth about her father, but she also discovered that Gabe and Willow, his daughter, were irresistible. If only he could convince Gabe that he should trust in love one more time.LINK 1 (NEW)LINK 2 LINK 3 LINK 4 LINK 5

That woman seemed to guess his thoughts… And indeed she did. And indeed she did.The handsome yet cynical Ethan Brannon did not believe in Aislinn Flaherty’s special powers. Despite the attraction she felt for him, the respostera and fortune teller vowed to stay away from Ethan. Until she began having visions about a long-lost brother of his. Aislinn knew she could reunite him with the brother Ethan thought he had lost forever. She just wished she could be more sure of her feelings for him…LINK N°1 (NEW)LINK N°2 LINK N°3 LINK N°3 LINK N°3 LINK N°4 LINK N°5