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In its online modality, the biennial takes place in pavilions: spaces on the internet where pieces are exhibited in any format visible online. The offline biennial takes place in embassies: galleries, institutions and artist-run art spaces in cities around the world where projects, performances, workshops, artist talks and exhibitions are presented. curated by Renee Carmichael and Sophie Rzepecky, where they ask if the pace of the online world affects our bodies and voices making them more nervous and socially unstable. It is a pavilion where you can see the wide variety of media that serve as an outlet support for contemporary art. Aya Bentur and Bill Regev’s Un-Fearing explores the instinctual bodily gesturality of the human in moments of stress and fear with a website with videos, written essays and archival gifs alongside those created with the piece. Scroll-o-meter by Colm O’Neill is a pedometer that measures in meters how much we scroll a page, an html code available on github that can be placed on any web page you program. Anxious to make by Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez focuses on the study of the collaborative economy and the anxiety of creating artistic material in accelerationism, in the form of a website, live and online performances, downloadable pdfs and workshops.

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Our 3D animation course is aimed at everyone who wants to enter the passionate world of 3D animation from scratch, either as a hobby or for people who want to dedicate themselves to it in the future and want to try and/or have a solid foundation.

Become an environment artist with the king of online 3D modeling courses ready to take on both personal and professional projects. Once you finish the course you will be able to start focusing your portfolio in the field of environment artist in addition to being able to create GAME READY models for sale in different online 3D stores.

You will learn how to use one of the most brutal programs to generate procedural textures, learn the texturing workflow used in large triple A studios where buildings, terrain and other huge textures are made efficiently.

In this course you will learn how to texture in a totally non-destructive way (using Blender nodes) and also hand texturing with stylized art, all usable in videogames and with an incredible quality.

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All conference registrants will receive links to unique synchronous sessions closer to the conference date. A full conference schedule will be available on May 4th so participants can plan which sessions they’d like to attend synchronously. Guests will also be given access to an online repository for previously recorded asynchronous content, according to which registration they chose.

Crossing Borders, Part 3: On the Threshold (digital) will bring together artists from different parts of the world in a conversation about the practice of dramaturgy in various countries and in the digital realm. Within and beyond the context of this moment, we will explore how dramaturgists engage with constraints, expansions, reboots, and changing cultural circumstances. In addition, this conference will focus on the use of technology in the dramaturgy of new plays and productions, as well as fostering global conversations about the purpose, function and utility of dramaturgs by asking how virtual dramaturgy is practiced in different countries.

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The Transcultura Program has facilitated the purchase of more than 250 tons of materials for the restoration of the Santa Clara Convent worth more than $1.7 million through May 2022.

The selected entrepreneurs will participate in the IncYOUTHbator event, where they will have the opportunity to network and exchange with representatives of incubators and accelerators from the region and the European Union.

The Transcultura Program: Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity launched the Second Call for the Transcultura Fellowship Scheme, in partnership with the University of the West Indies Open Campus (UWIOC).

Cultural creation is one of the most dynamic global markets, with enormous potential to foster entrepreneurship and resilience, enhance social cohesion and well-being, develop freedom of expression and dialogue, and provide substantial economic growth and employment worldwide. The Caribbean region is uniquely positioned to tap into this rich potential, with its multiplicity of customs, traditions, languages and historical ties, the result of cultural exchanges and reciprocal influences from pre-Columbian times to the present day.