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Numerous court decisions in U.S. federal and state court jurisdictions have upheld the establishment of GSAs in schools and the right to use that name for them.

The inclusion of heterosexual cisgender allies in the missions of these groups «is an important distinguishing factor of early LGBT teen support groups, and recognizes the need for a comprehensive approach to youth safety,» and attempts to build a support network for non-heterosexual and transgender teens, as well as raise awareness about homophobia and heterosexism .[18] The GSAs’ mission is «to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBT teens.»[19

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Unfortunately, the LGBTQI+ collective and the people who are part of it suffer daily aggressions, discriminations and all kinds of humiliations that are not proper of a civilized world as the one we supposedly live in. For this reason, the collective tends to look for safe places and networks so as not to suffer this type of perjury.

Taimi’s main asset is its security and privacy. We have the classic private stories that self-destruct, private calls between people in the same network and an important security in the app.

The LGBTQI+ community suffers a lot of aggressions, as we have explained on numerous occasions. There is the possibility that a homophobic or at least jealous person checks another person’s cell phone and thus can humiliate them because of their sexual condition. Therefore, we can lock the application natively with a pin or directly with our fingerprint.

Only verified and authenticated users can enter Taimi. How do you check? With 2-step verification and with the help of Artificial Intelligence capable of verifying accounts in addition to anti-fraud mechanisms.

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Grindr is a social network that brings together gay and bisexual guys who want to meet other guys located near them discreetly and anonymously, without the need to give personal data or fill out a profile with confidential information to register.

This application is mainly based on the exact location of each user, which will facilitate contact between people who are close to their position. At a glance, it is possible to see which users are closest to each other and which of them are online at that moment.

With a presence in more than 190 countries and more than seven million registered users, Grindr is the world’s largest social network for gay, bisexual and hetero-curious men. This tool will bring contact between two people almost anywhere in the world and with a simplicity of use that will make it accessible to all types of users.

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La comunidad queer se centra en la Oficina de Vida Estudiantil LGBTQ, cuya misión es servir como centro de la comunidad LGBTQ en el campus. La Oficina ofrece numerosos eventos, recursos y oportunidades de liderazgo para todos los estudiantes de la Universidad de Chicago. Te animamos a que consultes nuestro sitio web con frecuencia para mantenerte informado de los eventos de la comunidad, así como para conectar con los recursos. La (U)Chicago Queer Compass, publicada por la Oficina, es una excelente guía de la vida queer dentro y fuera del campus.

Aquí tenemos todo lo que necesitas para adaptarte a la vida queer en el campus y en la ciudad de Chicago. Tanto si buscas una organización estudiantil en la que participar, como si necesitas ayuda para navegar por Chicago, este sitio web te proporcionará los recursos que necesitas.

Además de nuestros libros y DVDs, LGBTQ Student Life también tiene suscripciones a varias publicaciones nacionales y locales. Los ejemplares anteriores de estas publicaciones también están disponibles en la biblioteca de recursos. Las revistas actuales se encuentran en el LGBTQ Lounge en el 3er piso de 5710 South Woodlawn. Nuestra colección de publicaciones periódicas incluye: