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However, she was admitted to the teaching congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross (Schwestern vom Heiligen Kreuz) taking her vows under the name Pascalina. In the monastery of Menzingen, in the Swiss commune of the canton of Zug, she learned cooking, sewing and cleaning.

The Spartacist League (Spartakusbund in German) formed by the German communists promoted the revolution against the weak republican government of Bavaria, storming the nunciature. Pacelli opposed and during the struggle he received the help of Sister Pascualina who interposed herself between the nuncio and the assailants.[1].

«Pascualina Lehnert, who with other nuns had just entered the service of the Nuncio and had been fascinated by him from the first moment. Sister Pascualina, famous for her beauty, her spirituality and her energy (and less famous for her Germanic cooking) did not leave Pacelli’s life until the death of the future Pope; she helped him to escape from his depressions, molded his character and his ideals, and, as he did, she disbelieved the inevitable Roman gossip about their deep friendship and wrote, in her old age, a delightful memoir…».

The Nun

It’s obvious that Hudson Hawk will do whatever is asked of him, he’ll get rid of everyone in sight and even pick up a nun with Andie McDowell’s complexion, but… will he finally get to drink that cappuccino?

We’re more than used to American comedies these days, when they’re not about endless improvised dialogue, tending towards stylization and spectacle. Don’t get me wrong, comedies of this type have always existed, but where once they were the exception in a morass of tight budgets and roles for TV comedians, now they are the norm. And Dave Schilling at Birth.Movies.Death hits the nail on the head about what has happened to the genre.

It may also be that comedy today, being so heavily infiltrated by other big-budget spectacles, has lost a space of its own and has had to blend in with thrillers or action to keep from disappearing from the billboard. Either that, or go back to endless dialogues in search of a joke that never comes.

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One of the most important events in Portugal during the monarchy of John V was the exploitation of gold in Brazil. This precious metal had been discovered in the distant American region around 1690 and everything indicated that the reign of the young monarch would be prosperous and long-lasting.

He had six children with her, although two of them died in infancy. Nevertheless, and despite all the time required by the international politics of the time, his wife was not enough for him. John, thirsty for new women to lie with, resorted to the Convent of Odivelas, in the city of Lisbon, to sleep with nuns of the convent.