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forced to marry by the king’s orders, cameron sinclair and kiara stewart are thrust into a marriage they don’t want and vow to hate each other from day one. but just when it looks like there might be a truce between them, the interests of kiara’s uncles and cousin come into play, and they will do anything to get their hands on her inheritance, daring to play as dirty a trick as possible against the newlyweds. will they manage to overcome the obstacles in their path and discover that they are not the only ones who will be able to make it through?

can two broken souls heal each other? dix is not a good guy. the mistakes of his past haunt him. he’s satisfied with the life he has now, but happy? he thought that would never be until a devilish redhead comes to work at the club where he works as a stripper. amber is sick of making the same mistakes. she has promised herself that this time it will be different and almost succeeds, but when dix crosses her path, he makes all her dreams come true. she has to make the same mistakes.

hope still lives for and by her boss, the attractive and authoritarian andreas doskas, one of the most eligible bachelors in greece. unattractive and always dressed in black, she lets her life go by in subordination to him, until she is beaten to death in her boss’s house because of an alleged robbery. then her life will take a 180-degree turn where her boss will surprise her with a dark secret.sophie saint rose is a prolific writer who has among her most important works as a stripper and a stripper in her life.

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I guess, like many, I had too high expectations being a J.K.Rowling book and after finishing it I was not completely satisfied.The story is well told, but there is a too forced nuance in describing the situations, as if the writer was trying too hard to get out of the «children’s author» pigeonhole.However, overall I have to say that I liked it and I enjoyed the «darker» tone of this book. I’m definitely going to get the second part.

Im a non-native English speaker and love reading in those languages I can speak/read. Strike’s first adventure brought me both: a great plot and an engaged writer. Robert/ Joanne is doubtless a writer who masters the storyline and the English language. As a reader, you got the feeling you are enjoying a masterpiece of suspense, a thorough psychological description of characters and a rich and intense vocabulary. The author really has tought me a lot thanks to this brilliant novel.

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The Epub (Electronic Publication) format is an ebook file that allows you to read books on virtually all tablets, but if you are one of those readers who use Kindle, we remind you that the format they use is the mobi format.

All these alternatives provided by an ePub make its structure similar to that of a web page, that is why free epub format books are the most recommended format to purchase books.

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