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Extensions for downloading videos from the Internet from your YouTube channel

Nowadays on YouTube channel we can find millions of high quality videos and very practical courses on marketing and any other discipline, with which we can learn every day, but to do this we always depend on having a good enough Internet connection to be able to watch these YouTube videos.

Currently supported services: Direct Download, YouTube [720p, 1080p, 4K], Vimeo. This free and fast converter allows you to watch your favorite YouTube videos on your cell phone, PC, TV or almost any other device.

VDownloader is a software that allows you to download videos from all major video sites, including YouTube, to your hard drive. With a single click, these videos can be stored in any video or audio format.

Being able to download videos to your computer will allow you to play these videos from any mobile device, and to learn from the millions of video courses you can find on the YouTube channel.

How to define a company’s mission, vision and valuesExamples of a company’s objectivesTypes and characteristics of communicationHow to make an executive summaryTypes of advertisementsBest Masters in Digital Marketing.

Download videos without installing apps

The best thing about Snaptube is that you can download Instagram URL in a video as well as manually provide its URL. We have listed simple instructions to follow both techniques below.

Please note that on some Android phones we are not allowed to download apps from third-party sources. To resolve this, go to Settings> Security on your phone and enable the option to download apps from Unknown Sources. This way, you will be able to download Snaptube on your Android device directly from their website.

Once you have downloaded the video on your phone, you can access it directly from your phone’s gallery or video app. It will also be available in the Snaptube interface. In the same way, you can also download photos from Instagram using Snaptube.

Cómo descargar SERIES GRATIS

VLC es un reproductor multimedia libre y de código abierto multiplataforma y un «framework» que reproduce la mayoría de archivos multimedia, así como DVD, Audio CD, VCD y diversos protocolos de transmisión.

Nos complace anunciar una importante actualización de VLC para iOS, iPadOS y tvOS que añade una nueva interfaz de reproducción de vídeo, compatibilidad con recursos compartidos de red NFS y SFTP e importantes mejoras en el manejo de medios, especialmente de audio. Vea el comunicado de prensa.

libbluray y las librerías relacionadas, libaacs y libbdplus, tienen nuevas versiones, centradas en el mantenimiento, las mejoras menores y, en particular, la compatibilidad con nuevos sistemas operativos y nuevas versiones de java. Consulte las páginas de libbluray, libaacs y libbdplus.

Nos complace lanzar la versión 3.4.0 de la versión de VLC para las plataformas Android.Todavía basada en libVLC 3, renueva el reproductor de audio y el soporte de Auto, añade marcadores en cada medio, simplifica los permisos y mejora la agrupación de vídeos. Consulta nuestra página de Android.

El reproductor multimedia VLC para iPhone, iPod touch, iPad y Apple TV recibe hoy una importante actualización en la App Store. Como siempre, es completamente gratuito en todos los países y la fuenteRémi Denis-Courmont: VLC en RISC-VVLC ya funciona en RISC-V.

Top 5 FREE programs to record screen

Often, the native option of our mobile is not enough to get the result we want. In this sense, there are external applications that help us to achieve better results when it comes to speeding up or slowing down a clip. Below, we leave you with the best free apps to make slow motion or fast motion videos from iOS or Android.

It is one of the best free apps to get Slow Motion, Reverse Cam or Fast Video effects. The platform allows us to use various video editing tools to make the image go in fast or slow motion, or to make the image go backwards.

InShotInShot is available for both Android and iOS. With this tool you can crop, edit, give better definition or a new style to your photos and videos. Among all the options it offers is to adjust the speeds of a video, either slow or fast. We can also make other adjustments such as the blur effect of the videos in TikTok, synchronize the audio with the clip and export the result in HD quality, among others.  The operation is very simple and intuitive.