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Don’t stay with the desire to try the experience of climbing in the wonderful vertical world of Frey and its surroundings. Ask about the daily departures from Refugio Frey throughout the summer. From a first experience to climbing the highest peaks of Cerro Catedral.

It starts gently painting the summits white, day by day the white is seen closer and closer, until one day the refuge is covered with a large blanket of snow. The snowfalls continue to cover the entire trail to the base of Cerro Catedral, and sometimes even further down, with snow.

When the amount of snow is sufficient, skiers begin to arrive to the place to make incredible itineraries, climbing with pure traction and human effort, leaving a furrow in the virgin snow. When they reach the ridges or summits, they enjoy the spectacular frozen scenery to recharge their energy and descend all those meters they have climbed sliding their boards across the snow.

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As you probably already guessed, the parameters inside the brackets [width=3cm, height=4cm] define the width and height of the image. Different units of measurement can be used in these parameters. If only the width value is set, the height will be scaled proportionally to maintain the look of the image.

Instead of \textwidth you can use any of the other units that LaTeX includes by default: \columnsep, \linewidth, \textheight, \paperheight, etc. See the reference guide for a better description of the units.

In the previous section we explained how to insert an image in your document, but sometimes the combination of images and text in your document may not turn out as you expected. To change this it is necessary to use a new environment:

The figure environment is used to display images as floating elements within the document. This means that you simply include your image inside the figure environment and you no longer have to worry about where it will appear, LaTeX will position it in such a way that it fits perfectly with the flow of the document.


With other programs, such as PS, enlarged images still look blurred and have visible noise and blur. Our product uses neural network with a special algorithm tuned for the lines and color of the images, which makes the magnification effect excellent. Colors are well maintained, and almost no gitter or duplication is visible. More importantly, noise, which seriously influences quality, cannot be seen in the resulting images.

If you are not logged in, yes! You need to keep your browser open, otherwise the enlarged image will be lost. If you are already logged in, you can close your browser, as we support offline enlargement.

To support the maintenance of this website, we offer paid services. Once upgraded, you can use a high-performance standalone server to make your enlargement faster and more stable, and more.

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