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The system uses the Ethereum blockchain network and with its cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) you can make buy and sell transactions. Wow, that ETH is the currency we are going to use for everything.

There is an auction market for new cards and another for transfers (between users). If you are skilled in buying/selling you can get a little money, which you can reinvest or spend it on a new computer that for some time the one you have is going like ass.

Taking a look at the transfer market, you will notice that there are cards from previous seasons. These cards can indeed be used as long as the player is still active and competes in a league covered by Sorare.

When you create your account, your wallet is automatically created, where the balance of Ether (ETH) that you have recharged or earned will be stored. Topping up can be done from another ETH wallet, an exchange or with your credit card.

So the main premise is: if you don’t play, it doesn’t add up. So easy, so sad… Especially for those of us who have a special gift in choosing the players that the coach, just in that match, has decided to give them rest…

Ver la liga española en vivo

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The MXL application has support for multimedia players which has an internal (default) which is recommended to use, otherwise you can use MX or VLC. To do this you only have to enter MXL settings and «Select your favorite player», by doing this it will show you a list of available players and you must choose the one that is most convenient for you.

You can purchase a license through PayPal which is totally safe, with this license you will eliminate advertising in the application. To do this you must enter the MXL settings and select «Permanently remove ads from the application». The license plans are these:

This license is available to be used on 2 devices maximum, if you already have a purchased license just enter MXL settings and «Do not have an active license» and enter the email with which you paid through PayPal.

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