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VLC es un reproductor multimedia libre y de código abierto multiplataforma y un «framework» que reproduce la mayoría de archivos multimedia, así como DVD, Audio CD, VCD y diversos protocolos de transmisión.

Nos complace anunciar una importante actualización de VLC para iOS, iPadOS y tvOS que añade una nueva interfaz de reproducción de vídeo, compatibilidad con recursos compartidos de red NFS y SFTP e importantes mejoras en el manejo de medios, especialmente para el audio. Vea el comunicado de prensa.

libbluray y las librerías relacionadas, libaacs y libbdplus, tienen nuevas versiones, centradas en el mantenimiento, las mejoras menores y, sobre todo, la compatibilidad con nuevos sistemas operativos y nuevas versiones de java. Consulte las páginas de libbluray, libaacs y libbdplus.

Nos complace lanzar la versión 3.4.0 de la versión de VLC para las plataformas Android.Todavía basada en libVLC 3, renueva el reproductor de audio y el soporte de Auto, añade marcadores en cada medio, simplifica los permisos y mejora la agrupación de vídeos. Consulta nuestra página de Android.

El reproductor multimedia VLC para iPhone, iPod touch, iPad y Apple TV recibe hoy una importante actualización en la App Store. Como siempre, es completamente gratuito en todos los países y la fuenteRémi Denis-Courmont: VLC en RISC-VVLC ya funciona en RISC-V.

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Over time, all phones slow down and become cluttered with unnecessary files. That’s why you should subject your Android phone to a good comprehensive cleaning. In this article we will show you how to do it.

A phone can start acting up a few months (even weeks) after taking it out of the box. Android phones need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and probably sooner than you might think. With daily use of mobile apps the software slows down, storage space starts to fill up and background processes complicate switching from one app to another. It is more annoying on older Android phones, such as the Galaxy S6, because they are generally more limited than current models, although it also ends up happening on newer ones. Often, when you find yourself in an urgent situation.

In this guide you will learn how to wipe your phone, what features to disable, what settings to adjust and how to optimize mobile apps to run more efficiently.

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Set the audio quality level of the Vorbis encoder. The scaling is not linear. The «Auto» mode produces a bit rate of about 112 kbps and is a good choice in most cases.Sound Channels:

This format is free, which seems to be one of the reasons for its popularity. The codec used supports variable bit rates (by default), and .ogg files usually play easily on all platforms. All other things being equal, the sound quality is somewhat better than mp3.

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Drive integrates with Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, which are cloud-native collaboration applications that enable your team to create content and collaborate in real time more effectively.

Drive integrates with and complements your team’s existing technology. Collaborate on Microsoft Office files without format conversion and edit and store more than 100 additional file types, including PDF, CAD, images and many more.

«Most of our team members were already familiar with Drive, and found it to be a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool. As a result, change management was minimal and, in a very short time, we were up and running.»